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Like seeing Real Estate, Crypto, Finances, and Local Idaho content? Welcome to all of our new followers! And thank you to all of our current followers! Let’s keep growing and learning together 

Bryce: What's up guys? Bryce Gonser and Jesse Taff buying the 208, we wanted to thank all of our new subscribers, our new viewers, along our viewers that have been along with us for the entire ride. But guys please do us a huge, huge favor as we have massive media goals for 2022 to visit the YouTube channel, Like, subscribe for anybody that you think would find this content valuable and it needs to see this go and tag him in this post below. As I said, we're trying to expand both Waypoint’s And our own individual profiles. So we could use a huge, huge benefit from you guys from tagging those accounts below. 

Bryce: Hey, what's up guys, welcome to Buying the 208. I'm Bryce Gonser and I work with Jesse Taff and his awesome team on the lending side. So I'm actually the branch manager of Modern Lending Boise, Idaho. We're very pleased to be here now. It's been a long time in the making. But we're back here in Boise. It's official, we're located downtown and we obviously help you guys with the lending side, the financing side, so go ahead and like starting the pre-approval process to get you guys back in Jesse's hands as soon as possible. 

Jesse: Like Bryce said, I'm Jesse Taff. I run the Waypoint Real Estate Group here in Idaho out of Boise from a real estate and also work with a lot of our mutual clients on the real estate side. So buying, selling, investing are really just chatting about what real estate is how it can be a wealth vehicle, or personal home and vacation home whatever your real estate needs are. We've created an amazing team between myself Bryce modern lending and waypoint Real Estate Group to take care of really all of our client needs in the real estate world and really, we've created buying the 208 as a vehicle to create content for all of you in terms of real estate investing cryptocurrency or just local facts and knowledge that we can help share from being here for probably almost three decades combined.

Bryce: Exactly! Thank you guys all for tuning in. We're very excited to move into 2020 with a lot of new viewers and then as always, guys with any questions please feel free to reach out to Jesse or myself.\

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