Touring Every Home Under $400,000 in Meridian

Touring Every Home Under $400,000 in Meridian, Idaho

Welcome to our comprehensive tour of every home under $400,000 in Meridian, Idaho. In this video, we’ll explore what’s currently available on the market, providing you with an in-depth look at various properties, their features, and recent market changes. Let’s dive in and explore these homes.

Two-Bedroom Townhouse with Office

The first home on our tour is a two-bedroom townhouse with an office. This property features a nice kitchen with white oak flooring and granite countertops. Although it's a smaller townhouse, it boasts modern amenities like a gas stove and a well-designed layout. The kitchen flows into the dining area, which leads to the backyard, and the home includes a main road view that might be a consideration for some buyers. The location is in the Stapleton area of South Meridian, a new development with amenities like dog parks and close proximity to shopping centers.

Three-Bedroom Single-Family Home

Next, we visit a single-family home listed at $369,000. This property offers three bedrooms, two baths, new carpets, and updated hardwood floors. The kitchen could use some updates, but the backyard provides ample space without backdoor neighbors. However, its proximity to the interstate might bring some noise. The master bedroom includes dual closets and a master bathroom with granite countertops and a walk-in shower.

Two-Story Home with Spacious Layout

Our third property is a two-story home, which is a bit larger than the previous ones. This house features a spacious living area, newer hardwood floors, and a kitchen with laminate countertops. The backyard is smaller, similar to townhomes, but the property’s location near major amenities like the new Shields store and the upcoming District development offers significant investment potential.

Well-Updated Single-Story Home

Next, we tour a single-story home with significant updates. This property has a beautifully staged living room, a kitchen with a large island, and a gas oven. The countertops and backsplash are modern, and the home includes a fireplace, which is rare in this price range. The master bedroom is the largest we've seen, with unique decor and an updated master bathroom. Despite the homes being close together in this neighborhood, this property stands out for its updates and design.

Affordable Townhome with Price Cuts

Finally, we look at a more affordable townhome listed at $385,000. This home has a similar layout to other townhomes but with older wood cabinetry and laminate countertops. The carpet throughout the house needs replacing, and while it offers a fireplace and a decent master bedroom, it is less updated than other properties we've seen. This townhome is in a less ideal location of Meridian, but it might be worth considering for the price.

Market Insights and Future Expectations

With interest rates rising to around 7.5%, the market, especially for first-time homebuyers at this $400,000 price point, has become more competitive. As we move into summer, we expect increased competition and more activity in the market. Interest rates are anticipated to come down towards the end of 2024 and into 2025, which could impact future buying decisions.

If you're looking for new housing around Boise, the current oversupply of apartments presents an excellent opportunity for lower rents and potential move-in incentives. For those considering buying, now might be a good time to rent temporarily, save money, and prepare for future home purchases.

Thank you for joining our tour of every home under $400,000 in Meridian, Idaho. We hope this detailed look helps you understand what’s available and what to expect in the market. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to call or text us anytime. 

Homes under 400k in Meridian Idaho

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