TopGolf is Coming to Meridian

TopGolf in Meridian

Do you golf? The Treasure Valley has some impressive courses and we talk about some of our favorites. Yes, Topgolf is coming and we are just as excited as you!

Bryce: Hey, what's up guys? Bryce Gonser, Jesse Taff, back with another episode of Buying in 208. Talking about some golf that's coming up this season. It's a little bit warmer outside.  We have a ton of golf courses in this area, and I know me personally, I'm trying to work on a golf game. 

Jesse: I'm there too. 

Bryce: Not the best, but we have a ton of golf courses. I don't think, especially a lot of outer out-of-staters, but people even in-state, you know, understand just how nice they truly are and how many we have.

Jesse: So I'm always shocked to be, even though I've been here for 12 years, like just looking through a map or finding a new course, there's, you know, a couple of dozen or more out there. One thing for people looking to move here out of state, that they like golf, even though we do have all four seasons, the golf seasons almost all year long. I mean, if you're dedicated enough, put on a jacket and a couple of gloves, you can play all year, which is pretty cool. 

Bryce: They even have some indoor stuff coming. They have some indoor stuff already here and there is some new stuff on the way. So yeah, you really can do it, you know, 12 months out of the year, which is cool.

Jesse: Exactly, so a couple of my favorites.  Quail Hollow Golf Course is a good one. I love how it's out there in the hills. Boise Ranch Golf Course is pretty easy-going, but also a nice well-kept course out there in South Boise

Bryce: There are a couple of nice ones out in Nampa, Falcon Crest Golf Club, and a couple of those places over there. So some great, great courses, the Centennial Golf Course and there's a ton of guys, you have to check it out. 

Jesse: But the one really cool thing that Boise has come in or actually it's going to be in Meridian is TopGolf. And I know everyone's been posting and sharing cause I mean, I'm excited too. So whether you're a golfer or not, Top Golf is a great amenity that is underway and they're starting to do some planning. So preliminary plans show, you know, a two-story building, 30 driving range. 

Bryce: I've never been personally, I'll be there to check it out. I've seen the videos. It seems cool. 

Jesse: Oh yeah. It's fun. It's golf for all levels. And it makes it a little bit more of a game than just trying to get that tiny ball in that hole, which can be tough sometimes. Any of you golfers out there hit us up. We can go hit around some time or at least maybe mention some of your favorites out there. And if we haven't taken a look, we might head out there now that the sun's out and it's time to get some, get our swings on. 

Bryce: That's right. Guys, if you have any questions regarding golf or real estate or loans or anything like that, drop a comment below, contact us directly, make sure to like the page, share with your friends and we'll see you guys soon.

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