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Our top crypto holdings

We break down our crypto portfolio and explain how to build your crypto portfolio!

Bryce: Hey, what's up guys? Bryce Gonser and Jesse Taff are back with another episode of Buying the 208. You guys have been asking the question and today we're going to give you a breakdown of what is currently in our crypto portfolio. Okay, so Jesse what is in your crypto portfolio, and then why did you decide to allocate?

Jesse: Yeah, good question and obviously this is how mine has been built maybe if I were to restart maybe would restructure it differently but currently this is how it stands. Ethereum is my biggest holding by far and why because I do think it has the most upside. I also think it's going to be around long-term just like Bitcoin was so very secure in my opinion, low risk but also a ton more upside than Bitcoin would have at this point. So roughly and these percentages are probably off the roughly 35-40% of my portfolio is Ethereum. Then comes down to Bitcoin you have to hold Bitcoin have just like you know, people who hold gold it's always that foundational item in your portfolio that's around 15-20%. Then the rest are fairly similar and I'll just round off the like the top 10 or top five top 10 and Solana I've been adding to that one probably the most over the last few months I think that one might have the biggest upside of really any of these ones on this list but also very solid long term.

Bryce: Oh absolutely, for you guys that hold so I think so could hit above a 600 price point by the end of this bull run that's only like 200 something right now, or maybe is it past a few 100 this time?

Jesse: Just drop today as you know the 27th of October so got some room and then coming back down so like I said the rest of these are pretty similar in size so ripple, XRP, I hold that one as soon as that SEC case which eventually it will get released or ended that thing's gonna explode. It's so fast, with very few exchanges. As soon as that's gone, everyone's gonna jump in. Matic or Polygon is another big one. Cardano, ADA, Polka Dot, and link chain link is one that I actually haven't held for very long, and unfortunately, I missed out on this one. But I think there's a ton of upside another 2-3x easy by the end of this bull run.

Bryce: Yeah, I do too and then you probably got some gambling ones. 

Jesse: Yeah, exactly! So and then these ones are very small amounts of money. I think they have the opportunity to hit zero or skyrocket you know 1,000% next couple of months, but a few of those are Shiba that one's been pumping lately. It rumors it might get hit or might get onto Robin Hood. So that one's been up a lot. UFO Gaming is one that I actually like is a potential future coin and has a ton of upside very, very small low cap right now and then the engine is another one that I have. Both UFO Gaming and engine are kind of in the crypto gaming world which is going to continue to grow exponentially. Yeah, even though a bear market in my opinion.

Bryce: Yes. Yeah, I like that. I like UFO Gaming. I saw that one on Elio trades talking about that and it was interesting. I don't hold it yet. I've heard a lot of good things small-cap coins with big potential.

Jesse: Gambling money on those ones. Honestly, ours are probably fairly similar. But what's your portfolio look like?

Bryce: Yeah, so again, guys, we always talk about I think the best way for somebody to come into the market that doesn't have any experience that doesn't really know like the technical or the fundamentals behind 20s coins is a simple 50-25-25 split. I think that's the best way to allocate 50% Bitcoin, 25% is gonna be your top cap altcoins and 25% is gonna be your small-cap all coins. That's not really the portfolio that Jesse falls to a tee and it's also not the portfolio that I follow to a tee. So actually, my biggest holding is XRP. So I probably have a little over 40% of my entire portfolio just in XRP and again, when that case does pop, I think I'm gonna be a very happy man. But right now they extended the deadline for the SEC pushing it out again until January. So we'll see what's going to happen with this bull run if it's going to continue into the spring of 2022. If it's going to go longer than that shorter, we'll see. But then I have then my next biggest holder is going to be Bitcoin and then Ethereum depending on you know the price point at any given day, sometimes it's like 50/50 between the two with Bitcoin shooting up first I have a little bit more percentage allocated towards Bitcoin and then from there it goes Matic, Polka Dot and then V-chain is probably my next biggest holding and I'm so bullish on V-chain, eventually breaking that $1 point moving into 2022 and I've seen some higher price predictions of $5 or $6 as we move into 2024, 2025 and why I'm so bullish on that is its handling a lot of the issues that we have with Supply Chain Management right now. I mean we have hundreds and 1000s of boats that are you know docked outside in California I see it every time I fly back and so it's handling and helping a lot with that and then I have some gambling coins as well. So I have you know Moon River that works as basically a works with Kusama Para chain network, basically converting a theory onto Kusama network. I have a pretty decent chunk in there along with X infinity which is another gaming coin that I think is going to be huge so that just kind of gives a breakdown guys of what we are into. Notice still on both sides, we have a lot in The more stable high end you know blue-chip type coins and then the smaller end you know gaming coins still has a lot of potential but it's not where the majority of our funds are placed, I think that's important to keep in mind.

Jesse: Exactly, and honestly all these can fluctuate and change especially as we start to hit this run. I mean I know I'm personally and we can talk about this at another time but I'm going to be layering out of some of my bigger holdings into some of the next ones that are going to pump a run-up so this is the current percentage but just like with your stock bonds, whatever your investment portfolio is, you need to analyze rebalance and trying to hit the percentages that you want to make sure you're still balanced with the big names the caps medium and then small-cap.

Bryce: Exactly! Alright guys, so if you guys have any questions on why we choose to, you know, put into certain coins or you just have questions, go ahead and send us a DM or drop a comment below and we'll holler at you guys next time. 



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