Scheels Meridian Opening Spring 2024

Grand Opening of SCHEELS All Sports Store in Meridian, Idaho

The grand opening of SCHEELS in Meridian, west of Boise,  has transformed the local retail landscape, marking a new era of shopping and entertainment in Idaho. Located in the Ten Mile Crossing development, west of Boise, SCHEELS opened its doors on April 6th, heralding an unparalleled retail adventure that has captured the imagination of the Treasure Valley community.

A New Retail Marvel in the Meridian

The Idaho SCHEELS is not just another sporting goods store; it's a mecca for sports enthusiasts and families looking for fun and entertainment. With an impressive footprint of 240,000 square feet, this store is gearing up to be one of the largest sporting goods store in the region. But it's not just about size; it's about the experience.

Experiences Abound at Idaho SCHEELS

 At the heart of the Idaho SCHEELS experience are entertainment attractions, specialty shops, and boutiques that showcase premium products and top brands. With over 85 specialty shops and a staggering inventory of more than one million pieces, you'll find everything you need to pursue your passions. What sets SCHEELS apart is its commitment to customer service, with trained experts on hand to help you achieve your goals.

Endless Entertainment

Shopping at Idaho SCHEELS is an adventure in itself. Here's a taste of what awaits:

  • 65-foot Ferris Wheel: Take a ride and enjoy a bird's-eye view of the retail wonderland.
  • Saltwater Aquarium: Dive into a 16,000-gallon saltwater aquarium teeming with over 600 vibrant fish.
  • Wildlife Mountain: Experience the beauty of the wild indoors.
  • Fuzziwig's Candy Shop: Satisfy your sweet cravings with an array of delightful treats.
  • Interactive Arcade: Challenge your gaming skills with an array of exciting games.
  • Sports Simulators: Test your skills in various sports with state-of-the-art simulators.
  • Ginna's Cafe: When it's time to refuel, indulge in gourmet soups, sandwiches, homemade fudge, and specialty coffee.

A Special Thanks

SCHEELS CEO Steve M. Scheel expressed his excitement, stating, "We could not be more excited to announce SCHEELS is coming to Idaho." He extended his gratitude to the development teams at SCS Development, Brighton Corporation, and Ball Ventures for making this project a reality.

SCHEELS Meridian Grand Opening Crowds

Community and Customer First

The feedback since opening has been overwhelmingly positive, with customers praising the variety of products, the knowledgeable staff, and the unique attractions. SCHEELS CEO Steve M. Scheel expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome from the Meridian community and reaffirmed the store's commitment to providing an exceptional shopping experience.

Impact on Meridian

The choice of Meridian for SCHEELS' first Idaho location was strategic, aligning with the city's rapid growth and vibrant community. As one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., Meridian has embraced SCHEELS, benefiting from the job opportunities it has created and the attraction it has become.

A Bright Future for Meridian

The location of Ten Mile Crossing in Meridian was carefully chosen, and the development aligns with the rapid growth Meridian has witnessed in recent years. Named one of the 10 fastest-growing cities in the United States, Meridian is poised to welcome this exciting addition to its retail landscape.

An Employee-Owned Venture

With over 400 employee-owners now part of the local team, SCHEELS is poised to be a key player in Meridian's retail and entertainment sector for years to come. The store's success is a testament to SCHEELS' legacy of excellence, which began over a century ago with Frederick A. Scheel's humble hardware store.

A Legacy of Excellence

The journey of SCHEELS is rooted in a humble beginning in 1902 when Frederick A. Scheel, a German immigrant, used the earnings from a small potato harvest to open a hardware store. Over the years, SCHEELS evolved into a 30-store operation, spanning 13 states and offering a wide range of sports and outdoor products.

Today, SCHEELS is led by Steve D. Scheel, the great-grandson of the founder, who serves as the Chairman of the Board, and Steve M. Scheel, the great-great-grandson, who holds the position of CEO. With a dedicated team of over 8,000 associates, SCHEELS continues to provide top-notch service and products to its customers.

SCHEELS continues to serve the Meridian-Boise community, it promises not just to be a place to shop but a cherished part of local life, where shopping, entertainment, and adventure come together. For those yet to visit, a world of discovery awaits at SCHEELS, where every visit is a new adventure.  Learn more about SCHEELS.

Grand Opening of SCHEELS

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