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Scheels in Meridian: A Game Changer for the Community

I'm sure you've heard that Scheels is now in Meridian, but I bet you don't realize what a game-changer it actually is. In this blog, we will explore what changes it brings to Meridian, its effects on the community, and we'll even give you a tour of Scheels. It's a place you truly have to see, and of course, we'll discuss some of the possible negative impacts on Boise as well.

A Look Back: Cabela's Impact on Boise

Some of you who have lived here for a while probably remember when Cabela's came to Boise. It was a big deal and the biggest retailer we had seen. Now, it may not have had a huge impact, and today you probably rarely think about it. But Scheels is a different story. For starters, it is twice the size and has a Ferris wheel in the middle.

The Real Impact of Scheels

The real impact of Scheels is more than just a Ferris wheel. I'm sure many of you have been there; let me know what you think about it! For those of you who haven't, you'll get a peek at the end. You'll see the size difference, which is going to bring around 500 jobs into Meridian, which is great for maintaining the economy's stability.

Community Engagement and Job Creation

Some of you might work there already, but that's just one small benefit. If you have social media, you saw how much marketing and posting they did to make sure you knew they were coming and hiring. It has been almost two years of marketing. Part of that was Scheels getting involved in the community. They added a lot of value and support to local cities, which we, as Idahoans, love.

Development Around Scheels

Scheels is off of the Ten Mile exit, and there has been a ton of development with new restaurants and stores. Costa Vida is almost finished, there is a Natural Grocers and Starbucks, and this is only going to continue. Anytime you get a big retailer, it attracts more business and commercial development. One of those is something huge I bet you haven't heard of, which I'll talk about in a second.

Boosting the Local Economy

The business popping up around Scheels is great. Anytime you add more attractions, it boosts jobs and people moving to the area. It also boosts tourism, which is a surprising benefit. This helps real estate prices, so any of you living in or moving to this area of Meridian, it won't hurt the value of your home. This is only going to continue as the big development coming in the next year or two is called The District at Ten Mile.

The District at Ten Mile

We all know The Village and how great it is to hang out there. It is around 250 acres, and it feels like you don't need much more. But The District is going to over double the size of The Village. There isn't a ton of detailed information on it yet, but it will be a unique commercial and residential development with restaurants and stores we have never had in Boise. The story right now is that it will be a Village, but bigger and better. So just one more reason Scheels is a good thing for Boise.

Possible Negative Impacts

Now for the not-so-fun part. While Scheels brings jobs and sales tax revenue, it has been known to affect small local businesses negatively. Anytime a large retailer with systems and more money comes into a place, it takes a portion of the market, which can hurt small businesses around it. This has happened in other cities where Scheels has popped up.

Impact on Real Estate and Cost of Living

When it comes to real estate, it will mostly impact your homes positively, but it can also raise the prices of rent, bring more apartment complexes, and in turn, negatively affect the experience and cost of living for people trying to buy a home. The bigger impact on that is not just with Scheels but with some big economic changes. To see how the market is being affected in Boise right now, read our article on everything you need to know in the Boise real estate market.

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