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Here is the number ONE reason you may be pushing your purchase date back!

Jesse: Save three months off your home search by doing this one thing. Welcome back, everybody buying the 208 Jesse Taff, Bryce Gonser, and, again, save up to three months, maybe more off your home search by doing this one very simple thing and that one thing is reaching out to a real estate agent and a mortgage lender to help guide you in your home search. On average, every buyer spends up to 12 weeks online, doing their own research, looking through homes, finding what they think they like what areas they like, just to then reach out to an agent and then to reach out to a mortgage lender and we're here to say, you don't have to wait those 12 weeks, reach out as soon as possible. Our job is to help advise and answer your questions. Regardless, if you're buying right now, or 12 weeks from now, we're never gonna sell you on anything. We're never gonna pressure you into doing anything. We are literally here to help answer your questions in terms of real estate and finance.

Bryce: Exactly! Guys, I can't tell you how many times like when people actually do reach out, sometimes it's a really good thing most of the time, it's always a really good thing because it puts them in a correct mindset of when they can actually buy. So if they're self-employed, and they have like tax questions, or you know, something's just happened, where something could hold up the lending process, it's always better to reach out, why would you wait 12 weeks to only find out like, hey, we're still not six months out. You know, you just wasted three months just to wait, you still got to wait even longer. So it's always better to just reach out like, and we get hit up all the time. So please, guys, drop us your questions, send us a private message, our contact information is listed on our page. But it's always better to reach out with those questions rather than you know, pertinent to your guys' situation, or just the general Real Estate question. That way you guys have the correct knowledge and it's very hard to find someone's information online. So it's always better to just ask like a professional like Jesse or myself.

Jesse: Exactly, and obviously you guys see it, we were very successful in what we do. We help out a ton of clients every month and every year. But we are not too busy to answer your questions. I get this all the time, people saying well, I didn't want to bug you. You're not bugging us. This is our job is to help you before, during, and after any sort of real estate transaction. So don't hesitate to reach out. Use this platform to leave your comments, your questions and share it with others or reach out to us directly to get the conversation started. We don't buy it. We're here to help. So don't be scared. 

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