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Jesse: What's up everybody, Jesse Taff, Bryce Gonser here again Buying in 208. Before we dive into this episode, if you could like, subscribe, follow this series for us. And hopefully, you get some great info and a little bit of entertainment. So this week talking about the 2021 spring parade of homes.

Bryce: We have homes coming out.

Jesse: Yeah. Some incredible ones. I mean, it's crazy what these builders are doing right now, but if you haven't heard of it, it's one of the biggest parade of home events in the entire nation. Last year, it was virtual so everyone, unfortunately, missed out on seeing some of these beautiful homes in person, but this year it's in-person and goes from April 24th to May 9th. It's a great opportunity to one, go shop for some of the nicest homes in the area. 

Bryce: I'm not even a realtor. I like to go out and take a look at the homes myself, you know, just some of the interior design, some of the newer stuff, the more modern look. I mean all over the place, guys, it's just cool to get out, and even if it's like years down the road, just to kind of get a grasp of what's out there, what are people putting in their homes and stuff? Some of the bathrooms are like second houses in there. So it's pretty exciting.

Jesse: Yeah. So the builders here do an amazing job. We have some of the best builders, you know, in the Northwest, in my opinion. They're all really pushing the bounds and design style. Even the appliance packages that they put in these homes are really the newest and hottest and greatest options out there. If you're not shopping for a new home at the moment, go take a look, check these things out. Maybe you'll get some ideas for your own home or start planning for the future.

Bryce: Exactly. And then on top of that, guys, you know, some of these nicer homes are obviously a little bit higher in price point. So potentially looking at a jumbo loan, if you're not below the conforming loan limit right now at 548,000.. So anything above that 548 mark for a loan balance is going to result in the jumbo loan. Just a couple of things to be aware of, you know, traditionally you need to be above, typically about a 700 credit score right now. There are other options available, but ideally above 700. Expect 20% down unless you want to do like a piggyback loan, which is basically, you do a first and a second kind of split. Interest rates are probably low to mid-threes right now. So actually not bad, a little bit more expensive, but still good rates for what's going on in the current market.

Jesse: Yep. So yeah, if you guys have any questions, keep an eye out on our stuff. We'll be posting more parade of homes, information. And then if any of you want the physical magazine or online, shoot us a message and we'll get a link over to you.

Parade on homes in Boise ID

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