Owning Investment Property

Investment properties and how their rates differ

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Bryce Gonser:  Hey, what's up, guys, it's Bryce and Jessie Taff back at you at Buying the 208. Today we're going to talk about investment properties. So it's a pretty hot topic, especially in this real estate market, a lot of people are buying investment properties. And we actually did a deal on one together. 

Jesse Taff:  Yeah just finished, closed it up. 

Bryce Gonser:  Yes, sir. And, you know, a lot of times people ask what is, you know, what are the rates for investment properties? And a lot of times people think, you know because they see, you know, super low rates advertised, that's what it's going to be for an investment vehicle. 

And it's not the case. You know, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for any type of conventional financing, set what is called loan level pricing adjustments for an investment property. And the reason is, is because you're not living in it. You're, you know, they're looking at as far as more of as a business rather than you're living in it. So you know there are certain things there are risk factors that play into a factor of that interest rate being higher than a primary or secondary home. But they're still low right now, which is awesome.

Jesse Taff: Like incredibly low. And as he mentioned, we just closed on another duplex. So, multifamily purchase and the rate that we were able to get at is lower than my personal residence right now, which is crazy. We might have to chat about fixing that here soon. Either way, yeah, there are opportunities out there. The rates are good and obviously, from our end, we can help strategize to make sure you get either the right cash flow, the right appreciation, or just get into the right investment property. But that's something we both are huge advocates of and both practices ourselves in finding and investing in real estate. 

Bryce Gonser:  Exactly. I think one thing that's super key is that you found a great deal in this market. Where everything is flying off so fast, you are able to find, when I saw it, and when I saw the numbers like man, this is a good deal. Do you know what I mean? So it was awesome to get in. Do it relatively quickly and then get the super low-interest rate on top of that. And now it's an asset that's appreciating in a great, great area. 

Jesse Taff:  Yeah. Went smoothly as always. So reach out to us for investment questions. Or if you even are an experienced investor and want to see what's out there, we'll help you out, so.

Bryce Gonser:  Any questions drop, like, do the thing below, guys, and we'll talk to you guys soon. 

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