Our #1 Real Estate Advice

Prepare for buying a home

If you are looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate, make sure to watch this one all the way through.

Bryce: What's up guys, Buying The 208. Bryce Gonser, Jesse Taff, and here's our number one piece of advice, whether you're looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate.

Jesse: Our number one advice is simple, it's easy to remember, and it's also easy to do, but no one does it, plan ahead. There's, 1000s of reasons why that's important and I'll just really touch on the biggest one from the real estate side is right now, everyone knows our markets are busy, super competitive, new constructions, a huge portion of what the home availability is here, and if you want to get into a home in the next one to two years, you almost have to start now because a lot of these communities have wait lists of three, four or 500 people long before you even have the opportunity to discuss a lot, a lot floorplan you want. So, planning ahead, just from that perspective, is a huge, important piece into getting into your first home.

Bryce: It’s massive, and I think, to just kind of piggyback on top of that Jesse, it's so crucial to have an agent that has a good reputation like this guy, he knows a lot of agents around, that’s in the market all the time. So, he's not just in, he's a new-built, he’s existing, we’re able to see stuff before it comes up when it's just kind of getting talked about and what that allows you to do as the client, as the borrower is you have better access, essentially, to what's out there and what's to come versus I know, everybody knows, somebody in real estate, whether it's a family member or a friend and everybody's always trying to hustle and make a deal work and there's no shame in that. But when you're with a high-level expert, and you're with a professional, it's a different level of service, and it gives you a better chance of getting into a home in this competitive market.

Jesse: Exactly, and a lot of times faster. So that's where, again, planning ahead, we might be able to get you one this weekend, sometimes it doesn't work, and then also you might be one to two years out if you want a specific community and a specific builder and the same goes with selling and investing, it really goes for anything in life, but plan ahead so you have all your ducks in a row before you're ready to jump in and you can at least see more opportunities come before you get desperate in need to buy or sell.

Bryce: Absolutely. Especially for talking about managing real estate, your wealth, your portfolio, you would ideally like somebody that is in it as an investment as well, like me for Jesse there, manages real estate, we're not only in the business, but we operate within our own business within real estate. So, it's very crucial guys so any questions you guys have, please let us know. Subscribe. Send us your questions and we'll talk to you soon.

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