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Real Estate Questions

We are a resource for you and would love your questions. If you are not ready to buy yet, that's fine! get in touch and let's work together.

Jesse: What’s up everybody, back again, another Buying in 208 video, and this one is our most important video yet. So I'll make sure to watch. 

Bryce: Hey guys, all we're talking about in this video is us being a resource. So we talk every week about, you know, what videos we want to come out with. What's relevant to, you know, real estate? We're talking about crypto, just what's going on with the overall market share of what's going on in Boise, Treasure Valley, and all the things that come. 

Bryce: But we want more interaction. We want you guys to see us as people that you look for advice, whether that's real estate or, you know, just any questions that would pertain to this industry. Even if you're not looking to buy right now. You know what I mean? It's not like you're wasting our time. We want, you know, even if you're setting up a road plan for years down the road, we want to be able to have that consultation because that's our job. 

Jesse: Exactly. Yeah. We see it every week. We have clients that come to us and say, we didn't want to reach out too early because we didn't want to bug you or waste your time. Or we didn't want to be sold into buying or selling their home. And that's not what we do. There are of course agents and lenders out there that are salespeople, but we want to be a resource for you. So if you have questions, if you plan to buy any time in the next 10, 15 years, let us know, we'll draw out a roadmap for you or just answer your questions. And if you happen to be ready now, we're ready here. You know, we're ready to help, but if you're further out in the future, just get some information and we'll stay in touch. 

Bryce: Yeah, absolutely. Don't hesitate to reach out, ask us questions, feel free to contact us with the information below, make sure you subscribe to the channel and we'll keep pumping out content.

Most important real estate video

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