Meridian has a downtown?!

Bryce: Hey, what's up guys, Bryce Gonser, Jesse Taff back with another video. This one just kind of gives a quick update on what's going on around here in the valley, especially for people looking out of state, what does it look like in the Boise, Treasure Valley meridian area as far as COVID impacting us. It's been very fortunate throughout this entire pandemic. It's not been as bad as a lot of other places, and a lot of stuff coming back to light, a lot of businesses are opening back up, some of the mask mandates have gone down and it's a little bit more specific on business to business, obviously being respectful of everybody's health concerns, and whatever business is requiring them that we wear but for the most part, it's getting really close to life back to normal, wouldn't you say?

Jesse: Yeah, So I mean, still exercise caution, and there are still some restrictions, but overall, slowly opening back up. We haven't seen too much negative impact and fingers crossed it stays that way, but I would say though, it seems like we're getting closer to life back to normal, we're well connected within the local business world that there's still a lot of local companies and businesses that are struggling to make it happen.

Bryce: That's right, and I think it's good that we support them, especially a big one that everybody loves is the restaurant industry. They took quite a big hit. Some of my favorites are baking downtown, my good friend Gibson Berryhill, and his dad John Berryhill, they own that, if you guys like bacon, check it out, it's good stuff. Then my buddy Cody Cachia, one of the youngest bar owners actually in the nation over here on Heritage Hop Haus, downtown meridian. A lot of people don't know what downtown Meridian is, it's growing. There's a lot of stuff in the works as far as development. It's a double-layer building with bars on each level. It's a great place, they got a sushi shack in there so if you love sushi, check it out. But those are just some of my local favorites I like to hit up.

Jesse: Yeah, most definitely, it’s like you said, go out and support some of the local businesses that you love. If you need some new ones to find, reach out to us and we'd be happy to share any of our favorites. Then to finish this one up, one really, the really cool announcement that Boise State just put out, they do expect to have their stadium filled this year for the Boise State football season, which I know a lot of us, including myself are really excited about trying to get back to see some games live.

Bryce: Yeah, different atmosphere for sure. So, guys, make sure to get back out there, if you're out of state you have any questions on different school districts, what's going on with those businesses, feel free to hit up me or just with any questions, and we’ll talk to you guys soon. 

Jesse: One more thing before you keep scrolling on, we're going to be given away football tickets to this upcoming Boise State season so make sure you like, subscribe, and stay updated with this YouTube series. Give yourself a chance to win some awesome tickets this year. 

Bryce: Absolutely, see you guys.

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