March Madness: Our Picks

Our Picks

Bryce: Hey what is up guys, Bryce Gonser, Jesse Taff, back with another episode of Buying The 208. For this episode, we're just talking about something other than real estate. 

Jesse: Finally.

Bryce: Exactly, yeah, a little March Madness actually. Who you got winning the whole thing?

Jesse: So, I'm from Washington originally, grew up in Spokane so, bandwagon or not, I'm rooting for Gonzaga and always have been so this is their year, I think.

Bryce: Yeah, they've always been good the last couple of years and they're a close team. I went to, I think it was the Elite Eight or something a couple of years ago. I actually went up to Gonzaga and watched the tournament up in Spokane. They got a pretty good squad rolling up there.

Jesse: Oh, yeah. I mean, it'd be crazy to go undefeated all the way through. But I don't want to jinx it so we'll see what happens.

Bryce: I get that. Well, I used to play a little college basketball. I was a big-time basketball guy. I don't watch it as much as being so busy, but I'm a big Tar Heel fan, big MJ fan, big Tar heel fan, I've seen them play maybe like a quarter this whole year so that's who I got winning mine, but that's pretty much every year.

Jesse: Yeah, I got your solid bet. Yeah. can never get a good bracket in any way.  So, I always lose money on it.

Bryce: Same thing, but no, it's always fun to watch and get your brackets in and see if you can throw a little bit of money around and win something there.

Jesse: Yeah, definitely and outside of sports, something more local to Idaho. You were just talking to me about an announcement COVID vaccine-wise. 

Bryce: Yeah. So, I guess Brad Little had announced that any Idahoan above the age of 16, starting April 5 will now be eligible to start receiving the COVID vaccination. I believe, now don't quote me on this, but you guys can look on Boise death for the same article, but I believe 65% of people over 65 have already been vaccinated. So, a massive number there, and then I think somewhere in the 45 to 40% range between the ages of 55 and 65 so numbers are climbing up, but it's just a little information out there in case you're looking for any of the younger generations to start getting vaccinated starting April 5.

Jesse: Yeah, that's good to know and obviously we're not medical professionals by any means, but feel free to take a look at that stuff, and the good news with all that is it seems like things are opening up and I mean, we're looking out here right over the village right now and it's busy and it's, midday on a weekday, so Idaho's looking good right now economy wise.

Bryce: It is for sure. So, guys, again, if you have any questions about real estate, general market knowledge, feel free to hit me up, Jesse, we'd love to have any interaction with you guys. So, like, subscribe below, we got a lot more stuff coming out as we roll into 2021.

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