Hundreds Off Your Mortgage Payment!

Save hundreds of dollars every month

Jesse Taff:  What's up everybody, Buying the 208. Jesse Taff, Bryce Gonser, and this is how you can knock off up to $200 a month on your mortgage payment. A lot of you probably don't realize, but you might still be paying private mortgage insurance on your monthly payment. And with the appreciation that we've had in this area, even if you bought it 6-12 months ago, you might be able to get it knocked off.

Bryce Gonser:  Yeah, absolutely. Yes. And especially guys, when you're buying a conventional loan, putting less than 20% down, 9 times out of 10 unless you're doing a single premium you're gonna have that month monthly mortgage insurance. With home prices appreciating so fast, and I sent you some details last night on the Zillow market, you know, just reports of how fast on a year over year basis were around 35%. That's well and more than 20% equity in your home. That's gonna allow you to a simple rate and term refinance, skip two months of payments, get an escrow refund back and you know your in pocket savings on a month to month is probably close to $200, depending on what your loan to value was when you originally started. Or just going from FHA if your credit score has increased and now switching out of MIP going into a conventional loan again probably no mortgage insurance. So an easy probably $200 savings on a month even with rates at where they're at right now. 

Jesse Taff:  Yeah and on top of that, you might actually get a lower rate and so save not just the mortgage insurance which is going directly to the bank's and lower your overall payment with a better rate with you know, refinancing.

Bryce Gonser:  Yeah, super easy, no money out of pocket. A lot of times especially with having a recent appraisal done if you've purchased recently, a lot of times you can get a property inspection waiver, meaning we don't have to do an appraisal at all. So super, super easy. Guys if you have any questions about you know what you think your home would appraise for, maybe ask Jesse. If you're wanting to start the refinance, you know the program, go ahead and just contact me directly, and then if you guys have any questions, drop them below.

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