Gain From Your Stimulus Check $10,000

Insane Crypto Returns

We discuss a real-life example of how you could have 10-20X your investment.

Jesse Taff: This is how you could have made over $10,000 with your $1,200 stimulus check. Hey, guys, so obviously, that's a pretty loaded question. But we have some legitimate mathematics on how you could have turned that $1,200 stimulus checks into $10,000 or more if put into the right place.

Bryce Gonser: Exactly, guys. So what's crazy to think about is when the first Coronavirus stimulus check hit, it was around April of 2020 and at that point, Bitcoin was trading around $7,000 and that was not that long ago right now, we did this morning, but I mean, we hit a new all-time high of 66,000 less, if you would have taken that stimulus check of $1,200 and invested it into Bitcoin at that period of time when it was trading around $7,000 You would have owned about point 1705 Bitcoin. When Bitcoin hit its new all-time high of 66,974, you would have turned that $1,200 cheque into $11,419. Wow, absolutely insane. That was again, not that long ago. So, I think people think it's too late to get into crypto. I think it's too late to get into Bitcoin. We think right now it's 66,000 high. We both know where the potential of this coin is going to go. We can have those same returns even with investing, you know, $1,200 into Bitcoin at this point. What's even crazier, though, is Ethereum. So if you have taken that 1200 stimulus check, you would have bought around seven Ethereum at that point because at the time, Ethereum was trading at $170. That's $4,000. So, $1,200 in the check was invested at 7.05 Eth. You would have been holding over $28,000 in Eth if you had invested which is insane.

Jesse Taff: And obviously I mean, I don't think either of us, unfortunately, had done what we're talking about, so most of you probably would have missed it too. But the point of this is, is these returns that we're seeing, you know, you look at it every day or every hour, and you only see a couple $100 fluctuations. Literally over a year, year and a half. We've just seen 10 to 20x, which is still on the table for maybe the rest of this run, but into the long term next 5, 10, 15 years. It's going to be massive. So a small amount now, ideally, a small amount earlier can add up big if you invest at the right time, and then hold.

Bryce Gonser: Absolutely, guys. So just make sure that you're getting in, that just shows you the power and the velocity of this money and how quickly it can move over a year's time frame. Make sure you Hold. Make sure you're not FOMO again. Make sure you have fundamental research backing, you know, don't just listen to us, do your own research. We'll see you guys next time.

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