Be careful who you work with!

Hire the right partner

How crucial it is it to the right real estate or lending partner?

We explain how some partners may not have the experience and may lose you thousands of dollars.

Bryce Gonser:  Yo, what's up guys, Bryce Gonser and Jesse Taff, back with another episode of Buying the 208. In this episode, we're gonna be talking about how crucial it is to have the right lending partner or the right real estate agent. So really, guys, when it comes down to purchasing a home, you want a good team behind you, which means a good lending partner and a good real estate agent.

And why it's so important. It's not just you know, everybody's the same, every real estate agent is the same, every lender is the same because it couldn't be more wrong. But especially when you have potentially tens of thousands of dollars on the line, you want the premier of what you can get your house for right, Jesse. 

Jesse Taff:  Yeah, exactly. There's a lot that, you know, we put out there on social media, but I would say 90-95% of what we do is behind the scenes, and you don't see. And that's where it's critical, you know, and trust who you're working with. There are thousands of agents in the valley, there are thousands of mortgage lenders in the valley. And not, you know, most of them are not created equal.

Bryce Gonser:  Not equal, right. Yeah, they don't offer all the same, you know, with their negotiating skills, their knowledge base, their overall products, there's so much that's different.

Jesse Taff:  Exactly. So again, what you don't see is the behind-the-scenes, negotiating, the marketing, the understanding of how the mindset and process of a seller works, and how the listing agent communicates. So you know, we have a specific scenario or two specific scenarios, one, we just got under contract for one of our mutual clients. The seller was a little bit concerned about the qualifications of the buyer. And we were able to understand and hear that concern from the listing agent and correct it and resolve it and say, Hey, they are more qualified than we put on the paperwork because of this, this, and this. And that's what got us the deal. They were about to accept another offer until we said, No, they can….

Bryce Gonser:  Yeah, they have the ability to do what you want them to do. And I think what was even cooler with that Jesse was, that it's not putting the buyers in some type of predicament where they have to come up with more money, eventually. It was simply showing that we had the ability to and that's it. So the power, I mean, hands-off, you know, props off to both of you know, you and the listing agent for being able to communicate that because I see a lot of times where I'm just like, there's no communication. 

Jesse Taff:  Yeah, and that's one of the biggest faults that we see. And another example is more on the selling side. So again, having a buyer's agent is critically important. Having a listing agent that knows what they're doing is also critically important. And we had a scenario where we were representing the buyer side, and the listing agent left about $5000 to $10,000 on the table for their seller, because they didn't understand how the offer paperwork works. So there was an escalation clause, one of the buyers was willing to go 10,000 over the last offer, but they wanted to go with a different offer. And that offer was about $5000 to $10,000 less, but they also had an escalation clause up to around the same price. And the buyer got a $5000 to $10,000 deal instead of having to push their offer all the way to their max price, which is how it should have been done.

Bryce Gonser:  Yeah. And the seller lost out. 

Jesse Taff:  Exactly. And the seller will never see or know that because they don't see the behind-the-scenes work. They're gonna think that agent did a great job for him. And maybe they did, but they also lost $5000 to $10,000 that they could have...

Bryce Gonser:  No small dollar amount, for sure. Yeah, guys, that's why it's so important. That's why we work as a team. That's why you know, I would say 99% of our deals run smoothly. The buyers have a great experience. I know the listings, you know, your clients have a great experience. And that's why we're able to help a lot of individuals, a lot of families to you know, achieve the dream of getting into a home or work with investment clients. So many questions that you guys have, guys feel free, comment below, hit us up individually and we look forward to coming out with some more content with you guys soon.

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