Ask us anything, literally anything!

Ask us anything

We want to answer any question you have, literally anything!

Ask us anything and we will answer it on upcoming episodes.

Bryce: What's up guys? Bryce Gonser, Jesse Taff, here with another episode of Buying The 208. But this episode guys we just really wanted to throw it out there that we want questions, right Jess? That’s what we want. 

Jess: Yep, exactly. So just wanted to let all of you know we're creating these for you, hoping to provide some value so any questions you have, ask us anything, real estate, personal, local, something random, doesn't matter. Send your questions in the comment or direct message us and we're going to set aside time on one of our upcoming episodes to just answer all of them.

Bryce: Yeah, so any questions you guys have drop it to us and we'll get back together on the next episode.

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