Agent’s, Don’t Lose Your Commission!

Real Estate Commission

Don't lose your commission on new construction.

More and more, builders are putting policies in place to cut out buyers agents from representing their clients. Make sure this doesn't happen to you! And share this with other agents who aren't aware of this happening!

Bryce Gonser: Real Estate Agents, you could be losing your commission by doing this one thing. 

Jesse Taff: For those that don't know it, and it's super important, a lot of builders in this area are doing everything they can really to cut out the buyer's agent, which is bad for agents and it's bad for buyers. As an agent, make sure you are present when your buyers and clients go into these model homes, their first visit, or you may not be eligible for your commission. The builders are more and more trying to cut out buyer’s agents and you could lose your potential commission and representing your client if you aren't present for that first visit. 

Bryce Gonser: So other realtors make sure that you guys share this because we want to make sure that you guys have full representation and that you earn that commission check at the end of the deal.


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