$100k Bitcoin?

Is Bitcoin going to $100,000?

Watch to hear our opinion and more on what to expect for the crypto market over the next few months. Don't miss out!

Bryce Gonser: What's up guys? Bryce Gonser and Jesse Taff back with another episode of Buying the 208. In this episode, we're going to determine if Bitcoin will hit a six-figure mark by the end of this year. Alright guys, so Jesse, where's Bitcoin going? Where are all these altcoins going? Where do you think we're gonna be, you know, at the end of this month going into November, December of 21?

Jesse Taff: Yeah, so 100k by the end of this year, I had my fingers crossed. So yeah, I'm hoping so, and honestly, I do see that being a very, very high probability.

Bryce Gonser: You think 100k? Like, what do you think 100k, 500k, 10,000k? What do you think it's going to end for this year? I think it will continue into 2022.

Jesse Taff: Yeah, I think so as well. I think the run is going to go past the end of this year through December in the spring of next year. Honestly, if I were to give a set number, I like that round, even 100k. I say that yes. That's my prediction. But honestly, either way, I even on the way out, that's going to be some great returns, especially if you are any of you are starting to buy an hour much earlier which we hope you did. 

Bryce Gonser: And if you do guys, that's going to almost double your money and right now, it's going to almost double your return. 

Jesse Taff: So, this is based on, you know, my research or our research and our expectations. There are, of course, a lot of possibilities of outside events affecting the crypto market. But as far as the fundamentals, the research, the technical analysis, right now, what we're seeing is the crypto market in general. So, Bitcoin, a lot of the top altcoins, and some of the smaller cap all coins, they're all pushing up there. There volumes coming up, interest is coming up and then also we've broken through a lot of our big key resistance levels, and almost all of them particularly Bitcoin, Ethereum, ADA, you know, the Ripple, a handful of them are all testing really the last key resistance level before we have the opportunity to set a breakthrough and set new all-time highs. So, I see Bitcoin kind of, again, right now it's in the 54,000 to 56,000 range. I see it breaking that 58k range rocketing up to 60, past 63, really before the end of this month is my expectation. Yep, and then Ethereum is going to be in the same boat where we're really hovering at that 3500 to 3700 range. Once we breakthrough that we'll see 4000 push through maybe 4500 very quickly and just one thing to keep in mind, though, is just like any market, these things do fluctuate, so do not be scared and run away if Bitcoin breaks, 58 comes back down to 50, maybe even 48, which would be lower than I expect and then the rock is back past 60. 

Bryce Gonser: You have to have the stomach to handle the volatility in crypto. Now, I don't know, again, it could happen. It could not happen. You have to be prepared for it. You have to be able to understand the fundamentals behind it and know what you're investing in, is going to continue to go up. And not sell because then you turn an unrealized loss into a real loss.

Jesse Taff: Exactly! Yep. So, keep an eye on the price action over the next couple of weeks for crypto. Again, Bitcoin is very close to breaking through that last key resistance level Ethereum is on the same route and a lot of these altcoins are pumping very large right now are exciting for any of you that are invested in cryptocurrency. 

Bryce Gonser: Absolutely! And I think the question that we get all the time is, is it too late to get into crypto? It is on the way you are just like breaking you know, the new run upon this technology with Blockchain technology with cryptocurrency there is such a small percentage of people actively invested and as more people, we both said this yesterday, there are more people adopt as more people come in and use Bitcoin and they use these different cryptocurrencies the prices are only going to continue, especially with Bitcoin, where there's a finite amount and it's that supply dwindles that demand that price is going to continue to go up, right? And I thought it was interesting that B-Evey came out and Bank of America, the fifth-largest bank in the world, has come out and is now offering Bitcoin and other cryptos to talk to their clients. But they came out and right now about 13% to 14% of the American population is invested in some type of cryptocurrency by the end of this year. So, guys, we're already in October, we have November, December by the end of this year, they expect that to over double and what people will be investing in and I think that is just that's extremely bullish from a massive institution. 

It has a big hand in our global economy. We live in a world where the overall global population is something over 8 million. We have 114-116 million people actively invested within cryptocurrency. That's such a small person, such a small footprint. So, I know some of these numbers look big to you guys. Look back in five years and think, wow, that was cheap. That was insanely cheap, and you're gonna wish you would have bought more and I'm telling you, it's the most one if you have the ability to front-run every other, you know government any other you know somebody else telling you what you can and can't do with your money you have the ability to front-run that with a decentralized asset like Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and you also have the ability that it is so uncorrelated with what anybody else says it does its own thing. So, like the stock market, you know, set you to know, somebody says something with the Fed somebody, you know, comes out and says Coronavirus, you know, we see charts going up and down like this. Bitcoin does this thing and although it's volatile, it's the most uncorrelated asset with somebody talking about fiscal monetary policy or, you know, anything like that. So, we'll see. 

Jesse Taff: And as you said, so the 8 billion population, those would be what we'd call, you know, retail investors, us to a lot of institutional investors, so big firms, companies, hedge funds, you know, in those groups are also heavily investing into cryptocurrency right now and just to name a few, you know, Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank, he actually has come out and really just two years ago, he actually hated cryptocurrencies. Now, he has more Bitcoin than he holds in gold. 

Bryce Gonser: Yeah, and we're seeing more and more of those people from years ago. Jamie Dimon, you know, came out years ago saying it's a fraud. It's a scam. They're holding a massive amount.

Jesse Taff: Exactly. So, whether you go all in or not, which, you know, that's up to you. I think we personally feel like we are all in on it. You should at least consider it as an investment whether to hedge or to diversify. Because again, more and more people are going into it, especially more and more institutional money going into it. If you don't trust them, maybe you don't trust us, you know, follow big money. 

Bryce Gonser: Yeah, exactly and I think it's only going to continue with people FOMO in not only retail but also the bigger institutions. People want this, they want regularity. They want some clarity from the SEC. Once that happens, I think once we see a Bitcoin ETF that I believe will happen at some point this year, you can now you know indirectly or get you to know, Bitcoin on a traditional exchange. It's game over. So, make sure you're on the way for this run-up. Obviously, not even financial advisors can give advice on this stuff. So, this is our opinion. That's why you guys are watching this. So, if you guys have questions, feel free to reach out. You know, I know I talk to a lot of you guys. Jesse does the same thing. So, ask us, you know, questions we want. We want to succeed. We want you guys to succeed. So that's why we make these videos. So, any questions you guys have no such thing as a bad one, reach out.


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